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Friday, March 13, 2009

Awards and a Green Smoothie

I have been given some Awards recently and I would like to honour those that gave them to me:
Sandy of and Angelfaye of gave me the 'Premio Dardos' Award, thank you so much ladies, I really do appreciate these Awards. Apparently the rules for these Awards are that you pass them on to 15 others ..... well I don't know that many internet people so I really can't abide by these rules.

Darlene Haughin and SandE have both tagged me which means that you go to your "My Pictures" folder and select the first folder and then the 6th photo and put it on your blog and then write about it, I must also tag 6 others to do this which I will do as best I can.

Liz -
Tracy -
Charlie -
Nani -
Jeanette -

Heres my photo: This is a picture of a wonderful 'Green Smoothie' I made recently, it was such a vivid shade of green I had to take a photo. It's made of pineapple, baby spinache and baby coconut juice, yummo!!!

As much as I love to receive Awards I really cannot keep passing them on because I will start to annoy those I give them too as I only know a handful of people on the internet. Please do not be offended by this :)


Nani said...

Love that shade of green! (But I'm not a big smoothie fan, if it's sweet and creamy, it's okay if it's bad for me!)

I did the 6 and 6 picture challenge a few entries back, so I'll do 7 and 7 if that's okay! :)

Carmen, the Crazy Sombrero said...

Jeannette that smoothie looks and sounds yummo delicioso! can you give me the recipe!!! sounds super healthy too. i love spinach!

charlie said...

Thanks hun..very much appreciated.though like you i have been tagged 3 times prior..eek..your blog looks lovely by the way!

Amberpony Creates said...

Love that Smoothie!
Love that Green looks like it would make a cool looking paper ;o)

Nani said...

I gave you an award! Come check it out on my blog!