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Saturday, September 27, 2008


It’s finally here, Week 4 of the SAS Designer Competition.

This week we were asked to ‘Show our Style’, there was no theme or colour swatch given or size limit to stick to. Now considering I haven’t been doing this for very long I think my style is still emerging, one thing I do notice though is that I like to add some glitter to my kits so I decided to go with this and came up with ‘A BIT OF BLING’ for my final contribution to this wonderful competition.

The kit consists of 46 elements ranging from pretty flowers to cool hard metals, a little something for everyone. There are 24 papers that encompass both cool and warm colour tones.

I hope you like this kit and will consider VOTING for me on Monday CST (Tuesday AUS).

All you have to do is REGISTER at SAS to download this wonderful kit. The links for registering and DOWNLOADING are under my banner for your convenience. As always, please remember to leave me some love and to wish me luck :)



Well it's been a long time coming but the good news is, Kjoi site is back up and running and the kits for Round3 and Round4 are all there for your downloading pleasure and if you would be so kind to vote for the work that you like best it would be wonderful. Remember, this is an anonymous competition so I can't tell you which is mine :)

Go here to REGISTER, here to VIEW and leave lots of COMMENTS, LOL and here to DOWNLOAD and most importantly, here to VOTE.

PLEASE REMEMBER you must be registered to do these things :)

1 comment:

Liz said...

wow wow and never cease to amaze are one talented designer girlfriend...and don't you ever doubt...i will be very suprised if you don't snag a deserve it...what fantastic kits you have...cheers liz