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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Schools In

Yes my children went back to school today after a two week break, love having them home and I love seeing them start back at school again, lol.

I thought I might show you something I made over the holidays, my girls and I love to get crafty, especially now that it is a bit cooler here. Over the years we have all made so many craft projects and they have done school projects and I've photographed them so I made this little album just to house these photos, it's not completely finished, that will take quite some time but it was so much fun making it and I'm really pleased with the result. The cover has some old jewels, a broken chain, some random scrapbooking embellishments and a broken beaded bracelet put together to form a piece of jewelry, there are ribbons on the spine and various papers along with a bit of fussy cutting (I can't remember the product names as it's been way over a year since I've paper scrapbooked).

While I was making this album it also gave me the opportunity to see my 'stash' of craft goodies again and to see what I need and don't need, must be that 'spring cleaning' thing I guess but we gave the cupboard a good tidy up that's for sure.

Maybe next holidays we can finish it off as there's only a couple of 'title pages' done so far, yes this could take quite some time but it's time well spent with my girls :)


Carmen, the Crazy Sombrero said...

love your photo albumn! i have tons of paper scrapping supplies, ribbons, stickers, etc. rick even made me a really awesome scrapping station..i have stuff started so i have to get on the ball..i even have a cricut which is awesome...great job!

Amberpony Creates said...

Way Cool Album!!!!
A little paper scrapping now and then builds Character LOL

A little Tidy up well did you get the paper Bug again. LOL

mITSYBELLE said...

LOL ... paper bug, well lets just say it was alot of cleaning up afterwards that I prefer not to do.

Maybe in a few years when jnr is older but not right now :)