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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


That's right, it's almost one year since I first tried my hand at designing and put something up on my blog as a freebie!!!

On the 7th July it will be my 1 Year Anniversary and I will be celebrating for a whole week, mainly because it's also my Birthday on 14th July and I'd like a day off then, LOL :)

If you haven't already signed up for my Newsletter then I strongly advise you to do that because my next one will certainly coincide with these dates and you won't want to be missing the unique gifts in this issue :) My Newsletter will be fortnightly until further notice.

So stay tuned to this blog for the Party in early JULY


Tammara said...

Your blog looks fine on my computer!

Vania M. de Andrade said...

Then you are having your first aniversary ! Me too, on July 4th! Congratulations for we both! I wonder how I will celebrate it! Perhaps, giving away another kit with my wordarts in portuguese. Making something more special, who knows?
your fan,

Amberpony Creates said...

The writing is cut off on my computer
I am sending you a silent Happy Birthday Song. LOL