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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just Me

Hi there ... well this is just a post about me, I know, it's usually advertising or freebies but not this time, lol. Today was a very special day for me, my beautiful daughter Cassie finally had her braces removed, after three whole years. Well yes there were tears and laughter and lots of hugs all around, what a beautiful joyous day this was. I'm so pround of her for bravely going through so much over the years that I probably couldn't do myself, 10 extractions (2 surgically) and many many appointments, tears, trapped gums, tormented school days later, it's done!!!

I know there are so many mum's out there who have gone through this and will go through this process of 'beautifying' one's teeth ... is it worth it, well I'll do some layouts and let them speak for themselves.... thanks for reading :) Stay tuned :)


Amberpony Creates said...

I will be waiting for that Precious Smile Beautifying one of your kits on a Happy Memory Page

Liz said...

wow that is such great news..can't wait to see your lovely pages your new kit up in the store yet..i haven't checked....anyway catch ya..cheers liz..oh i wanted you to know i have added your blinkie to my blog..i am slowly getting there!!..LOL