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Friday, August 22, 2008

Voting at KJois

Just in case any of you have been popping in to grab your freebie for the week and not found it, let me explain. Kara's been having server issues at Kjoi's with all the extra traffic this week and has had to do lots of work to get things just right for voting and downloading. Until this is done properly we can't vote or anything.

Good news is that it should be up and running sometime today (fingers and everything else crossed) so as soon as it is I shall grab the link for you and put a little something here for you also.

Here's what you'll get this week from me just for popping in. It's a page kit I put together in July for all the birthdays at my place called 'Celebrate', it has four papers, three frames and two stickers.

But don't forget you'll be able to grab about 40 freebies from Kjoi too, LOL, wow that's alot.

Stay tuned...

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