THIS BLOG SHOULD BE VIEWED IN IE, I'm sorry, I don't know why???

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blogger Problems .... Blog Views Better in IE .... grrrrrrr

It seems some people were having problems viewing my blog, I'm not sure how to fix it but if you view it in Internet Explorer there are no problems.

There will be more fun coming up soon, keep your eye out for those first three Puzzle Pieces, grab Quickpage 1 before it's gone, visit the Progressive Scrap, unscramble those words and don't forget the Blog Hop too :)


Tammara said...

Frustrating, isn't it? There's nothing you can do about it, either, because the problem is the user's browser. Older browsers (particularly NetScape) have a known interface problem with Blogger... users don't have to switch browsers, usually just a (free) update at their browser's site will do the trick!

Puzzle said...

I'm a Firefox user (latest version)and your blog seems to be the only one I have problems with. I see all the images but the text is not contained in a box (it is all on the same line)so I see only the first part of each phrase, the rest just disappear to the right.

I still have an old IE that I keep just in case and I use it to go to your blog. I switch back to FF when I download tho. I just don't trust IE ;)

But, it's OK. As long as I can get to your blog one way or another I'm happy lol